Procedures for in-clinic appointments

  • QR scanning, wearing a mask and use of hand sanitiser is mandatory on entry to the clinic. 

  • Your physiotherapist will wear a mask, and is fully vaccinated.

  • Risk screening questionnaire will be completed via appointment email confirmation and prior to entry to the clinic.

  • Please do not arrive early to your appointment as time must be left to allow the previous patient to leave.

  • After every consultation a treatment room will be cleaned and ventilated.

  • All appointments are by appointment only. 

  • Toilet facilities are unavailable at this time. 


Telehealth appointments are available as an alternative to in-person appointments

Covid-19 Screening Questions

Please do not come to the clinic if you answer YES to any of the following questions. Instead contact your GP or health line.

1. Are you awaiting the result of a COVID-19 swab because you had COVID symptoms?
2. Have you had contact with anyone with confirmed COVID-19, or someone who has been in direct contact with a confirmed case, in the last 10 days?

3. Have you been notified in the last 10 days as having been exposed to COVID-19 and asked to stay home and isolate?

4. Have you returned from overseas in the last 10 days? (excluding from a quarantine free travel zone)
3. Do you have any COVID-19 symptoms?:
- Fever, shortness of breath, cough, runny nose, sore throat, loss of smell or taste, vomiting or diarrhoea? 


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